Meet Dianna Guzman

Dianna Guzman is a formidable candidate for the Glendale City Council in the Yucca District. She has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the City of Glendale and the limitless opportunities that Glendale has. With her unparalleled leadership, and her strong belief that Glendale is a shining City on a Hill. Dianna will bring about an era of sensible and responsible governance to the constituents of the Yucca District and the City of Glendale at large.

Dianna Guzman

Why I’m Running For The Glendale City Council

My name is Dianna Guzman, and I am running for the Glendale City Council Seat in the Yucca District. I am proud to call Glendale home and have seen the expansion that this city has undergone. Whether it’s Economic Development, the influx of new jobs, support for our public safety, or proper management of our city budget. Glendale has led the way. We have had exceptional leadership in the Yucca District and I am proud to have the support of our current Councilmember Joyce Clark. As I partake in this journey to serve as your Councilmember, the interest I take in my community is not for myself but for the citizens around me. As a mom, wife, and a Nana, I am fearful that Glendale’s current momentum and trajectory can take a dramatic turn if we don’t elect the right leaders. That’s why I am in this race, rather than sitting on the sidelines and watching this potentially happen, I am running to ensure it doesn’t. I am a native of the West Valley and built my dream home in Glendale, Yucca District. I raised my family here and the love and commitment I have for Glendale is boundless.
I am prepared by all means to continue the forward momentum and to advocate on behalf of you the citizens of Yucca District. I am also prepared to usher in new ideas, and new possibilities and will always consider the citizens of Yucca District before anyone else. I will respect and value the ideas that have truly made the City of Glendale a shining star. I urge you to support this mission and join me as we continue to “Get to work for the people of Glendale.” Thank you for your support and God Bless!

– Dianna Guzman

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We’re on the Ballot

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Thank you for your interest in donating to Dianna Guzman’s campaign. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. To remain in compliance with election law, we are required to collect the following: name, address, occupation, name of employer, etc. Which will be collected electronically or via hard copy. Maximum individual, partnership, and PAC without mega PAC status may contribute up to $6,650. PACS with mega PAC status may contribute up to $13,300.
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